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How to Sell Life Insurance

how to sale life insurance

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Life insurance pays the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) a sum of money upon the death of the policy holder. Beneficiaries can use the payment for anything they wish, but it is typically used to pay funeral expenses and pay off mortgages and other debt.

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Get a state-issued license. Most states require you to complete a pre-licensing educational course and pass a state exam before the license will be issued. The pre-licensing course covers the fundamentals of the insurance business and insurance law.

Many states also require continuing education to keep agents up-to-date on changing insurance laws, policies, and other issues.

Find an agency that will train you. Find work in a life insurance agency as a customer service representative, for instance, so you can familiarize yourself with business, the terminology, and how to work well with customers before becoming a sales agent.

Another way to learn is through a mentor. Many agencies have their new insurance representatives shadow an experienced, top producing agent for a period of time. You'll learn first hand the most efficient and effective ways to conduct business and how to write policies.

Build your client list through cold-calling, data found on the Internet, and involvement in business organizations such as the chamber of commerce and other clubs where networking is a key component.

Phone calls are made to potential clients to determine if they are satisfied with their insurance provider

or if they have a life insurance policy at all. Competitive rates and a kind demeanor will go a long way toward gaining clients.

Take advantage of every avenue of client prospecting. The Internet is a perfect medium to deliver information and gain customers. Ideas you can use include writing an e-book on the importance of life insurance. Offer it free on your personal website.

Start a blog on your website. Add timely articles about issues surrounding life insurance. Include a "frequently asked questions" section and a customer testimonial area.

If the Web is not for you, advertise and conduct free seminars on the topic. Instead of talking to ten customers in a day, a seminar can give you access to dozens of attentive individuals all in one sitting.

Become a vital part of your community. Customers are more willing to talk to someone within the community who focuses on local care, rather than a large corporation that does not know their names or recognize their faces. Through involvement in charity work and community events, rapport is built and the customer base is expanded as the business becomes recognized and trustworthy.

This rapport brings referrals from family members and friends, which will assist in expanding the customer base within the community.

Once the policy is signed, your job is not finished. Always be available to customers for questions or policy changes. As an insurance agent, it is always important to put the customer first.

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