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How do i get dental insurance

how do i get dental insurance


Best Answer: I'm going to be the adversary on this one and say that dental insurance can be very helpful, but it depends on the plan.

Any dentist we approached when my husband needed a crown and we needed payments, they would not do it. Instead they offer a mid-interest dental credit card that is run through Chase or Citibank. So this is not a great option! Plus these cards require at least $1,000 in dental work to be performed if the charge is to be approved for low interest and paid over a full year. Any lower amounts requires high interest and the payment will only be broken into two or three payments.

The best way to go - look for a local dentist who specializes in abstraction and dentures. We have one in Vermont who removes all teeth and then molds, creates, and fits dentures for around

$800. That's a deal.

We do have dental insurance. I will cover cleanings twice a year which can prevent running into issues. But. it will not cover my children's flouride pills which the dentist says they need since we are on well water and the water does not contain flouride. I buy them a rinse instead.

It covers very little of a crown. Fillings it will only pay 80% of IF you use a metal filing instead of resin, and many dentists refuse to use metal fillings now. So it's hard finding one who will still do a metal filling.

It will only cover one crown, if it breaks or becomes loose, too bad for you. Same for a root canal.

Some medical insurance plans cover teeth if it is an emergency and requires ER care. But you have to have medical insurance for that route to work.

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