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3 Easy Ways to Sell Auto Insurance More Efficiently

how to sell car insurance

By law, anyone who owns a car needs to have it insured, which makes the market for auto insurance especially lucrative and correspondingly competitive. Here are three easy yet insightful ways to get a leg up on the competition and make sales more effectively.

Sources of Leads:

Sure, any lead is a potential sale, but some leads are more likely to turn into sales than others. While there's nothing wrong with soliciting leads over the phone or through mailing lists, a high percentage of consumers reached through those methods will simply have no interest in purchasing insurance at all. Conversely, leads generated through Web searches have a high probability of turning into sales because consumers who search for auto insurance have self-identified some interest. Invest in your own site via search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and use lead generation services like All Web Leads or to maximize your access to these high-quality leads.

Secondary Sales Force:

Consumers may not expect to be pampered in what they perceive to be the cold and heartless world of insurance, so turn those expectations around and treat your current clients like royalty. Leave no stone unturned, hunting for ways to give them discounts, and help them to view you as a trusted advisor. Good agents do this automatically. Discounts on

their policies are great within reason, but an even more effective method is to send the occasional gift certificate or coupon: gift certificates or coupons for oil changes or other auto-related services work well. For your best customers, there's no better way to communicate the value of their business than a hand-written letter. If your current customers know that you value their business, they will form positive opinions of your insurance agency and, more importantly, recommend you to their friends and coworkers. With the power of social media, not to mention regular word of mouth, you may never have to make a cold call again.

Be Specific:

This principle applies to your marketing efforts, but it really hits home in your face-to-face conversations with consumers. Instead of going in with a "canned" sales pitch, get to know your potential clients on a personal level and relate the policies you are selling directly to their life circumstances. For instance, if a parent is interested in a policy for the family minivan, ask about his or her spouse and children and focus on protecting them. Conversely, if an outdoor enthusiast needs insurance for his truck or SUV, take the opportunity to learn more about his lifestyle. Relate with your consumers on a personal level, and you will see your sales and commissions increase.

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