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How to sell life insurance over the phone

The Benefit of Selling Life Insurance Over The Phone

When I first started my career as a life insurance agent, my manager would always tell me to set appointments. It seemed as if this is all the company cared about and not the actual sale. He would say make them come to you. Yea right! I was buying (and still am) online life insurance leads and although most of the prospects were interested some did not want to come to my office for an appointment. This is when I looked into selling life insurance over the phone. There can be great benefits from doing this.

Not every case calls for a face to face meeting. However, once you start selling insurance over the phone do not get lazy and only sell that way. If you come across a complex case that calls for better explanation of the policy you should still meet with the client(s) in person.

If you are not currently selling insurance over the phone, bear in mind, many of these leads are looking for quick solutions. You might be able to better suit their needs by a simple call and follow up email. Email is important because the person might not answer your phone when you first call because they do not recognize the number. The email will clarify who is calling them. Feel free to correspond by email if this is how they wish to proceed.

Old school life insurance agents could get away with only having face-to-face appointments. The new type

of client is younger as well as tech savvy. This makes it crucial for agents purchasing internet life insurance leads to be able to handle business on the web.

If you are not currently licensed with a company that offers online life insurance applications to their agents, then you need to get licensed. Most big life insurance companies such as MetLife and New York Life allow their agents to complete life insurance applications online.

If you are an independent agent, then check with your IMO or FMO to see if they are working with any companies that provide online apps. If nothing else, see if they have a term life app system available.

Like I said before, if it is a bigger case you might not want to go this route, but you should utilize this method for smaller cases, especially ones dealing with term life insurance. Even the medical exams are becoming easier to schedule and follow-up on. In fact, some companies will follow up for you and report their findings on a weekly basis.

Do not let technology pass you by. You will find that many of your life insurance prospects will enjoy working with you over the phone. Younger adults do not neccessesarily like meeting in person and usually prefer handling their business online (i.e. online billing, banking etc.). They will appreciate that you are up-to-date on all of the latest technology. Using this sales method makes their life easier as well as yours.

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