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How to sell medicare supplement insurance

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SMS Partners with Fraternal Benefit Society for Exclusive Product Offering: LCBA Med Supp

SMS has partnered with Loyal Christian Benefit Association (LCBA) as the exclusive distributor of LCBA’s Medicare Supplement insurance plans. As a fraternal benefit society, LCBA offers its members value-added benefits at no extra charge. Another plus: agents get access to LCBA’s telephonic applications, which provide on-the-spot underwriting decisions, freeing them up to produce more. Check out the map below to see where it’s offered. Learn more at

SMS Now Helps You Get Med Supp Quotes On Mobile Devices

SMS is kicking off 2014 with another technology innovation, becoming the first IMO to launch a text-based quoting platform that allows agents to quote multiple carriers on their mobile devices without downloading an app.

Updated Training Video: “How to Prospect in the Medicare Supplement Market”

Got Medicare Questions? Ask Roger

A Question from a client got you stumped?

New to the senior market and want advice on how to get started?

Looking for information on a particular carrier?

Roger Marvel has more than 30 years of industry experience and the answers to all your burning questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplement, the senior market, insurance carriers and more. Just don’t ask him about your marital issues. It’s "Ask Roger," not Ann Landers.

If you have a question you’d like answered, you can e-mail it to We will do our best to answer every question that comes in.

Med Supp e-Apps: Put Your

Car in Park and Paper Apps in their Place

If I could show you a way to put 55.5 cents in your pocket for every mile you don't have to drive, would you be interested? Do you realize that if your average distance to your appointment is 15 miles and you have 250 interviews a year, that you could save (or earn) an additional $4,163 (use our calculator ). That is $16.65 savings per interview. Not per sale, per interview!

Use our Medicare Supplement e-App Cash Calculator to find out how much you could save by switching to e-Apps.

So how do you save the $16.65 per appointment? Switch to Medicare Supplement e-Apps .

New Med Supp Carrier: Medico Insurance Company

Medico Insurance Company Group-Affordable Solutions that are Fast, Simple, and Predictable. Medico Insurance Company has a very proud tradition of personalized service to their customers. They are located in the heart of the United States and all of their work is performed at their Home Office.

Medicare — Getting Started

This training will provide you with basic Medicare information as well as help you make important Medicare decisions such as choosing health and prescription drug coverage and timing your decisions. View Training Here

Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) Policies Training

This training will help you explain what Medigap policies are, relate steps needed to buy a Medigap policy, as well as tell you where to get information on Medigap rights and protections. View Training Here

Self-Help for Medicare Supplement Agents

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