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How to sell medicare supplements

how to sell medicare supplements

Medicare Supplement by Phone Sales Tips

When starting to sell Medicare Supplements by Phone it is important, rather than asking if it’s a good time to talk, to state how long the call will last and then stick to it. Make sure you call your prospect by their first name and give your name clearly to them, avoiding your company name unless it is noteworthy. Once you’ve reached the end of your initial time you can ask if they would like to continue to talk about their Medicare Supplement needs or if you should reschedule. This will show you respect your prospects’ time. Once the potential client has asked you to continue it is important to ask open-ended questions, use a person’s first name rather than their last (using last names makes the call seem formal, and you should go for a casual conversation instead), and use descriptive words and stories to tell your prospect why they should purchase a Medicare Supplement by Phone from you. Also, be sure to watch your facial expressions while prospecting Medicare Supplements by Phone, it is amazing how

they translate over the phone line; and, add energy to your phone calls by standing up or sitting with good posture as your tone will come off as more enthusiastic. Once you complete the call be sure to summarize the key benefits to your potential client that you made in order to clear up any confusion. Then, once your summary is complete, allow your prospect to have the final comment or question.

If the prospect does not pick up while you are selling Medicare Supplements by phone and you must leave a voicemail, make sure to keep the message very short. Leave only your name, company name (if noteworthy), phone number (slowly, twice) and one question or statement that will target either a pain or interest in your prospect. Then be sure to follow up in a couple of days in case they still do not get back to you.

Selling Medicare Supplements by Phone is a great way to reach more customers in more areas, without the transportation costs. Also, sales of Medicare Supplements by Phone eliminate unnecessary paperwork and mailing costs.

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