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How to sell property and casualty insurance

how to sell property and casualty insurance

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Before working with any insurance product, you will need to secure the appropriate licenses. Every state has a department of insurance that governs the issuance of insurance licenses. There are several corporations that offer training materials and classes to prepare future insurance agents for the exams necessary to receive these state insurance licenses.

Once you are licensed you must find carriers to represent. Some carriers require you to be a captive agent and represent only their product, while others will allow any licensed professional access to their product line. Captive carriers typically provide benefits, training and contests to their agents. Brokered carriers tend to offer fewer of these soft benefits, but they do

give the agents more freedom.

With a license secured and a product line to sell, it's time to find prospective clients. Many captive carriers provide their agents with lead generation systems; but brokers can obtain leads as well. New agents are always encouraged to contact their friends, family and acquaintances and offer their products.

After a while, it typically makes sense for agents to find a niche market. Some agents work strictly with business liability insurance while others focus on home and auto coverage. The career path of an insurance agent can be whatever they choose it to be. Agents who focus on a particular market segment tend to earn better incomes and become experts in their field.

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