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How to Set Up and Use Your Shared SSL

how to set up an ssl certificate

It is possible to use a shared SSL on our servers, though it is generally preferred to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain. Purchasing a private SSL allows your website to be accessed through your own domain name when using an SSL.

Using the shared SSL enables users to access content over https. Users may wish to do this for multiple reasons. You may wish to use this feature while developing your payment system, or if your site is not for profit but requires the secure transfer of information.

Dedicated Server and VPS

Users must install their own SSL certificate and enable sharing within WHM by going to the SSL/TLS section and selecting Manage SSL Hosts .

Further instructions can be found in our video tutorial:

Shared and Reseller

All HostGator Shared and Reseller servers have a shared SSL certificate pre-installed for use and configured to use with the temporary URL for any user on the server. To access your website using the shared certificate, you will need to know your temporary URL for your domain. The following article will assist you with learning the temporary URL specific to your domain:

Once you have your temporary URL, you may use the shared SSL with your site by simply visiting it with https and your temporary URL instead of your domain. Some sites may require additional configuration to allow the temporary URL to be used.

Shared Hosting Example:

For instructions on how to post secure content to a page with a shared SSL, please read the following article:

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