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How to settle an insurance claim

how to settle an insurance claim

Things You'll Need

Insurance information from the other driver (full name, phone number, company name, policy number)


Do not get out of the car. Call 911 immediately, or ask someone else to. In addition to the fact that you could get hurt by another vehicle, the call will serve as documentation for the accident. The rescue workers are professionals and know the best way to get you out of the car safely.

Take the full name, number, insurance company and policy number of the person you had the accident with. Also, try to get the name and number of anyone that saw the accident occur.

Take your own pictures. Take any photos that you might need to prove your claim. The body shop and appraiser will take pictures as well, but you need your own. Keep the pictures to yourself until you need them. They may come in handy should you need to dispute your insurance company in court. Be sure the pictures are dated and time-stamped.

Call the other driver's insurance company to verify his

policy. If the policy is not valid, you can file a claim with your own insurance company for an uninsured motorist accident if this is included in your insurance policy. If the driver does not have valid insurance, report it to the police department as well.

File a claim with your own insurance company, and keep a log of everything that happened regarding the accident and all calls made. Note the weather, time of day and anything else that might help to describe the accident in words.

Keep a file of all medical bills, rental car receipts, gas purchases, doctor's office visits and lost wages. Also, take note of the fair market value of your vehicle. Your insurance company will most likely offer you the lowest possible price for repairs or replacement, and you will need this information in order to settle your claim properly.

Get a copy of the accident report at the courthouse. These are usually available withing a few days of the accident. Your insurance company will request one, but it's best to have your own copy.

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