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How to ssl certificate

how to ssl certificate


The following information may assist with any technical issues or information you require about our products and services. We recommend the use of our Premium Installation service if you are unable to complete your online order.

These are the most common questions we find are being asked regularly by our customers. Find out what these frequently asked questions are and if the answers can assist with any issue you may be experiencing.

A CSR is required to order an SSL Certificate. The CSR is generated from within your hosting control panel or server. We also offer the option to generate your CSR automatically in real time during the ordering process. Find out how to generate a CSR and the requirements here.

Here you will find further information about the installation process for installing your SSL Certificate once it has been issued to you. Installation instructions are available for most popular web server and hosting control panel types. You will also find information here if we have generated your CSR and Private Key during the ordering process.

Our SSL Certificates work with 99.9% of browsers and servers. We've provided a list of the most common browsers and servers that support the use of an SSL Certificate.

Not all SSL Certificates will work with mobile devices. This feature is becoming more popular due to increases in mobile consumers and people using their mobile devices to browse the internet. This page will provide more information on which SSL Certificates work with mobile devices.

Visit this page if you are experiencing a technical problem with your SSL Certificate, you require technical information regarding your SSL Certificate or even if you may require further technical information about the SSL protocol before placing your order.

Find out everything you need to know about renewals,

our special renewal pricing as well as any further renewal information and CSR (Certificate Signing Request) requirements for renewal orders.

The SSL industry contains many different technical terms and they may be cause for some confusion. Find out more about these particular and specific terms and what they mean here.

When you purchase our products we need to validate that you are who you say you are. Find out more information about our automated issuance procedures as well as information on manual verification products and their requirements.

Find out what stage your order is at here. If you are missing your Approver E-Mail or Fulfillment E-Mail you may request it to be resent immediately. You can also view and print your online invoice from within our tracking system.

If your order included Issuance Insurance or if it was purchased as an addition to your order we are able to assist with re-issuing your SSL Certificate and it's remaining validity. Simply visit this page to find out about our automated Issuance Insurance system.

Here you can paste your CSR or SSL Certificate and decode it instantly. You can even enter your web address to retrieve and decode an installed SSL Certificate. This section provides several helpful tools for use with SSL.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates give high security web browsers information to clearly identify a web site's organizational identity. This page will provide more information on the benefits of Extended Validation (EV) and how it can help increase consumer confidence.

During the ordering process we may ask you for your telephone number, area code and country code. If you are not sure of your country code or would like to confirm you are selecting the correct code please refer to the list of country codes that we have provided.

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