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How To Get Off To A Quick Start

how to start selling insurance

Selling Life Insurance And Annuities!

Let’s put some things into perspective. Most of the newer (less experienced) Insurance Agents we talk to are putting the cart before the horse. They are buying life insurance and annuity leads, setting up a direct mail system, or running ads in the newspaper, before they’ve made any money.

But, what’s even worse, they are getting those leads without knowing what to say to get the appointment, let alone turn that appointment into a sale!

They end up wasting a lot of time and money. And, most of them are broke and out of the business within a year! And, those few who do survive are earning less than $30,000 per year after expenses.

Understanding The Problem.

Consider, whether you are buying leads, using direct mail, sending post cards or running ads, most sales leads will cost you $20 or more. Most agents are lucky if they are setting 3 sales appointments for every 10 leads they get. It’s partly because of the low quality of the leads they are getting, and partly because they don’t know what to do or say to set the appointment.

Then, if they are lucky, they are closing 2 sales for every 10 appointments.

This means they need 33 leads, to get 10 appointments, to close 2 sales. They are spending $333 for each sale they make. (33 leads x $20 = $666 / 2 sales + $333) If their average sale is around $600 in commissions, then over half of their commissions are going to lead generation costs.

Is it any wonder that most agents are frustrated with the leads they are buying and/or their lead systems! And, they are always looking for something better?

It’s a major reason why 85% of new agents who come into this business are broke and out of the business within 18 months? And, why 90% of the remaining agents are earning less than $30,000 per year, after expenses!

There Is A Better Way.

It starts with you learning how to attract a better quality prospect. Then it’s learning what to say, to help those prospects to see and understand their problems they are facing, so they want to meet with you! Finally, it’s learning how to conduct a good thorough fact-finding interview so you are closing more sales appointments and making larger sales!

If you want to get off to a fast start and finally earn the money you are capable off, then you’ll want to…

Identify who are your ‘Ideal ’ prospects! Who really needs your primary product right now ? Who are the people you have the best chance of setting an appointment with, and closing a sale with, right now ?
  • Determine what problems you can solve for your ‘Ideal’ prospects! If people don’t see and understand the problems they are facing, and how you can help them, is there any reason for them to meet with you, let alone buy from you?
  • Focus your marketing message on solving your ‘Ideal’ prospects problems! You’ll want to set up multiple ‘low cost’ lead systems to constantly deliver your

    special message to your ideal prospects, to attract a steady flow of them to you!

  • Learn what to say and do to get your ‘Ideal’ prospects to want to set and appointment with you! It’s all about you asking the right questions to help your prospects see and understand their problems, and how you can help them, so they want to meet with you!
  • Learn how to discover your prospects' innermost desires, and use that knowledge to craft an offer that is irresistible to them! People don’t buy what they need! They buy what they WANT!
  • Structure your business so that you become the advisor people want to see! (Instead of being the salesperson people dread seeing.) And, within a year, you’ll be getting the majority of your appointments and sales from your existing clients, endorsements and referrals… and they will be calling you!

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