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Bury Register Office holds the records for Births, Deaths and Marriages within Bury District from 1837 to date.

A certified copy may be obtained by writing to the Register Office or calling in personally. There is a fee for each certificate issued, cheques and postal orders are made payable to Bury Council.

Our current fees are-

Birth Death or Marriage Certificate issued on the same day - £21.00

Birth Death or Marriage Certificate two day service-£10.00

Birth Death or Marriage Certificate by post -£10.00

Birth Death or Marriage Certificate ordered by telephone and posted out- £11.00 anywhere in the United Kingdom or £12.00 worldwide

To obtain a certificate you will need to provide us with the following information:

Birth Certificate - there are 2 types - short (which has the person's details only) - full (which is a complete copy of the register entry). Please note that a full birth certificate is required to obtain a passport, for anyone born after 31 December 1982.

  • Date of birth,
  • Place of birth,
  • Full names at birth,
  • Parents names (if known).


you cannot provide some of the above information then please contact the General Register Office in Southport - Telephone: 0300-123-1837.

Applying on-line

You can now apply for a birth certificate on-line. Please fill in the form that is located to the right of this page and follow the instructions carefully. Please allow at least 14 days for you to receive the certificate through the post.

If your child was born in another district such as Manchester or Bolton then you will need to contact their Register Offices to obtain a copy of the certificate. You can purchase the certificates by phone or on-line through their websites:

  • Manchester Register Office: 0161-234-5555 /
  • Bolton Register Office: 01204-331-185 /

We do register births on behalf of Bolton & Manchester for Bury residents due to Fairfield General Hospital's maternity unity closing and then the register gets deposited back to their respective offices once every month .

Please phone the office on 0161-253-6026, if you need a certificate within a month of you registering baby's birth so we can check if the register is still held at our office.

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