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Sports Memorabilia Certificate of Authenticity a Must for Savvy Collectors

I found this article about the extreme of where the sports industry and memorabilia have gone and  will continue to give the loyal fans the protection they need to help you.

In the days prior to a sports memorabilia certificate of authenticity. collectors had to rely solely on the word of vendors and merchants and were sometimes taken advantage of  by deceitful dealers.

The last several years has seen an explosion in the sports autographed and collectibles memorabilia market. With the increase in demand for sports memorabilia, collectors have also seen an increase in the number of forgeries in the marketplace.

Undoubtedly. the best way for sports memorabilia collectors to protect themselves would be to actually witness the signing of their sports memorabilia items. Unfortunately, for most collectors, this is not a viable option.

Most sports collectors acquire or purchase their collectibles from a third party.

The problem becomes with so many dealers making available such a wide range of inventory and prices, even the most well intended collector can find it challenging when it comes to actually authenticating their memorabilia.

Two basic rules of thumb that all sports memorabilia collectors should utilize to protect themselves against corrupt sellers is: 1: “if the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is.”…be wary of discount sports memorabilia.  2: Always demand a sports memorabilia certificate of authenticity from a known and reputable source.

Curretnly , sports memorabilia certificates of authenticity are a requirement for serious collectors who want to be sure that they are buying legitimate sports memorabilia.

The sports memorabilia world has forever changed with the application of sports memorabilia certificates, which, basically guarantees that your memorabilia is 100% real and authentic.

How to Get a Certificate of Authenticity for Sports Memorabilia

Before committing your money on authentic sports collectibles. you need to be sure that the items you’re purchasing is not a facsimile signature.

A lot of colectors can be easily fooled by bogus signatures, which are printed on, as opposed to authentic hand- signed signatures.

For example, if a signature is signed with a felt pen, the ink will most likely tend to be heavier at points where the pen started, stopped or slowed while signing. With a facsimile signature, the ink will more likely be more uniform throughout.

The procedure of authenticating sports memorabilia begins when an authenticator precisely and meticulously inspects the item in question to guarantee the validity of the sports memorabilia.

Normally. more than one authenticator will inspect the item or items in question and all must be in agreement before it can be validated authentic.

The insight and knowledge of these  inspectors has been developed after years of examining thousands of pieces of authentic sports collectibles .

These well-trained experts are uniquely qualified to judge and exam a variety of sports memorabilia items and can identify knock-items and signature irregularities in forged memorabilia .

Sports memorabilia items that fail their strict examination standards for certification are declined and returned with a letter itemizing their


A professional authenticating company can certify your sports memorabilia as authentic and provide paperwork that will forever prove that your sports memorabilia collectibles are true and valid.

A sports memorabilia certificate of authenticity  quickly legitimizes any sports memorabilia. leaving no room for discussion as to whether or not it is a fake signature or reproduction.

The system used for verifying the authenticity of sports memorabilia is a tested and proved method that leaves any doubt as to the authenticity of any sports collectible.

Sports memorabilia certificates are the single most legitimate way of ensuring that an item is real and should be required for collectors before investing in sports memorabilia.

When sports collectors invest in authentic memorabilia, it should come with a certificate of authenticity.

This certificate guarantees that the collector has purchased genuine sports memorabilia, which makes these items more valuable.

Certificate of Authenticity Autographed Template

Trying to sell an expensive piece of sports memorabilia without having the required sports memorabilia certificate of authenticity is like attempting to sell a car without having the pink slip.

Serious collectors are not interested in stories and empty promisies ; they need hard and fast evidence that what they’re investing in is genuine and above board.

Imagine purchasing sports memorabilia product on trust and blind faith, only to take it to a sports collectible appraiser and have them inform you that it is not authentic.

Heartbreaking at best, a tangled legal battle at worst.

Almost every sports memorabilia collector that spends the money and time amassing great pieces of sports history loves to show them off to guests .

When you can show your sports collectibles with an accompanying certificate of authenticity, it makes it that much more impressive to visitors.

Owning a piece of sports history feels less genuine unless it has been been properly authenticated, and the same goes for viewing.

Any vendor worth their weight in baseballs has each and every one of their  sports memorabilia items that they are offering for sale authenticated.

A lot of reputable trade shows won’t even allow a vendor to set up shop without the proper warranties proving what they’re selling is real.

Purchasing sports memorabilia that has been authenticated with a sports memorabilia certificates of authenticity is a surefire way to avoid hassles, confusion or just plain getting ripped off.

Certificate of Authenticity Companies

Two of the top, and most trusted authentication companies are:

PSA Sports Authenticators

By utilizing companies such as these for your sports memorabilia certificate of authenticity you can have piece of mind that your sports memorabilia collectibles are authentic and worthwhile.

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