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Insurance cancellation letter - How to write a termination letter?

how to write an insurance cancellation letter

template - sample - example - insurance cancellation letter

You are searching for a insurance cancellation letter? This formal letter will help you terminate your insurance policy. A cancellation letter is important for cancelling insurances. Many insurance companies require a formal and written cancelation letter for cancellation requests. So, use our free insurance cancellation letter.

Example insurance cancellation letter in Word and PDF (click)

Insurance cancellation letter

Insurance company

Name of the department

Insurance company adress

Insurance company city and zip code

Date: [ ]

Re: Cancellation of insurance, policy number [ ]

I am sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my insurance effective [date

of cancellation]. I would appreciate you sending me written confirmation within 30 days that the cancellation has been put into effect. Please refund the unused portion of my payments, and cease charging my bank account for payments.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope you will consider this request and put it into effect as soon as possible. Awaiting your reply.



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