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How to Write an Insurance Claim Letter

how to write an insurance claim letter

Most people will, some or the other time, come across an insurance claim. So to make sure everything else goes smoothly, they should know how to write an insurance claim letter. The claim letter is mostly written if the claim has been rejected, or if there has been some delay in the process. Most of the time, the claims get accepted, and there is no further correspondence required. But if the process does not go as smoothly as possible, the claim letter is the next step.

The letter is a polite way of communicating your grievance to the insurance company. And, most of the times, your problem will be solved after the letter is sent, as insurance companies take these letters seriously.

The letter should be completely formal. Get straight to the point. Mention the incident in detail of how your car got damaged, because it is important while claiming coverage. The companies reserve a right to reject the claim if the accident was caused by your mistake, or whether you were in an inebriated condition while driving. If a police complaint has taken place, mention the complaint number; it makes it easier to get the compensation, if the police are involved as their investigation is considered as valid.

Most companies have customer care executives for handling queries. You can call the executives to confirm your situation, and mention in the letter about the conversation you might have had with them. Attach a photocopy of the necessary documents that are required for the claim. Do not give away the original documents.

A good professional way of writing and presenting your problem will certainly help you. You can express your disappointment at the situation, but do not accuse them of false practices. Do not write the letter in an angry tone, there is a proper way and tone with which you convey your anger. Finally, in the letter, express hope that the problem will be solved, and that you wish to continue business with them. Here is sample on how to write an insurance claim letter, follow this letter for better understanding.

Daniel Storm 658 Joy Heights

15th, West, Rain Street,

52672 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.


Jim Steward

Safety Car Insurance Co.

734, Fort Jazz Street,


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Dear Mr. Steward.

This letter is regarding an insurance claim on my car, which got damaged recently in an accident. The contract number for my policy is IJ63275.

On the 13th of January 2011, my car, a Toyota Camry, was parked in the street below where I live. When I came downstairs to take my car, to run some errands, I noticed that my car was severely side swiped on the left side. On enquiring from the people in the street, I found out that some truck swiped it and escaped away quickly. Nobody was able to take the license plate number down. I quickly informed the police about the incident who assured that they would do best to find out the culprit. The complaint number is 73JBHK864.

After informing the authorities, I checked my insurance papers and found out that my car is covered completely for the damage. Thereon, I proceeded to call the customer care executive of you company, who also confirmed that I am eligible for coverage. The executive informed me that I would have to either give my car in a garage associated with your company, or I can attach the bill of any garage of my choice where I get my car repaired. I did the latter and sent the photocopy of the bill along with all the policy details to your company address.

So far, I have not received any correspondence from your company. The customer care executive assured me that the check amounting to the cost of repair work will be given to me, but nothing has happened so far. I request your quick attention in this matter, as previous attempts for communication from my side have proved to be futile. I express my hope that this matter will soon be resolved, and I will get the insurance amount.

Sincere Regards,

Jacob Ray

We have provided you with a sample of how to write an insurance claim letter. The letter is about the delay in receiving compensation for damage on the car. The letter is simple and short. The same kind of format can be used for other claim letters. Insurance is a diverse subject and the claims are also diverse, so make the necessary changes before using the letter.

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