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How to write certification letter

how to write certification letter

« on: May 15, 2013, 02:12:23 pm »

Does CIC specify what exactly they are expecting to see in a "bank certification letter for immigration purposes" from your bank?

The reason I ask this is I have come to realize that some banks don't even know what a "bank certification letter for immigration purposes" is.

I recently had to explain to a bank employee what "bank certification letter for immigration purposes" is. but what was worst, was I had to be telling him what is to be written in the letter:

(a) Account number

(b) Current balance

(c) Date account opened

(d) Date the letter was generated

(e) Bank's seal/stamp

(f) etc, etc, etc.

I have seen a "bank letter" that also indicated the following:

(g) Average size of deposits/withdrawal

(h) Average Frequency of deposits/withdrawal

(i) Largest and lowest deposit/withdrawal

(j) Date of largest and smallest deposit/withdrawal

As you can see with the information in (g) to (h), that information will clearly indicate how the account is/was being used ( since the account was opened ). for example. was it a dormant account and at the last minute someone deposited a lump some of money into it (so as to apply for FSWP). or is this a "normal" account being utilized like how a "normal everyday" account would be used.

Does anyone have a template of a "bank certification letter" indicating specifically what is to be indicated in the letter? I need this info. so I can tell my bank what to write in the letter they are going to prepare for me (I don't want to leave it up to them to figure it out. unfortunately they apparently don't have a "standard" bank letter that they would issue for immigration purposes).

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