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Indemnity insurance when selling a house

indemnity insurance when selling a house

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Indemnity insurance when selling house - I am probably BU!

We have an offer on our house which is fab news all round as we thought we were going to have to rent it out when we move to our delapidated wreck in the country and try and do it up on no money! Anyway, the sale is supposed to exchange and complete next week and we have had a constant stream of questions from the buyer's solicitors. We have had three requests for indemnity insurance - one to cover a rear access to the house (terrace) which is over land that no one apparantly owns, one is to cover the fact that we had a proper roof and window put in a few years ago to replace a plastic corrugated roof on a sort of lean to but didn't get it FENSA registered as we didn't know we needed to, and this final one is because apparantly there should be a drain in the

courtyard garden and at some stage (way before we ever bought the house) it has been covered up. The first two came together and after a while we said we would pay for the insurance - £360 all up. This drain thing has just come up and they want a further £340 for indemnity insurance. I know in the scheme of things its not much but I just feel we are bending over backwards to make it happen, we have moved the completion forward (meaning we are moving before we would choose to) to accommodate their time frame.We offered to go halves and they refused. I know at the end of the day we will end up paying but it makes me mad - we don't have any spare money so anything we spend on this comes off what we can spend on the new place.

Is it worth pushing back over? I know it really isn't so have answered my own question but it makes me mad!

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