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Thread: Question of being '(un)insured' between buying a new car and buying insurance for it?

insurance when buying a new car

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Question of being '(un)insured' between buying a new car and buying insurance for it?

Hi, I have an issue that I'm curious about.

Due to financial limitations I've been using my mum's car since I passed my test two years ago. I'm planning on buying my first car in the summer when I will have turned 21 and the insurance price will finally be affordable.

What I'd like to know is: are you allowed to drive uninsured for the duration of collecting the car from the garage and taking it home before buying the insurance online once you get home?

It seems to me that this is the only possibility. But what if the worst was to happen on your journey home - you'd presumably be uninsured and therefore illegal? But how are you supposed to be insured if you've literally only JUST bought the car?

Do they let you off driving uninsured during the journey home from the garage/seller? I can't see how else it would

work, but surely then you'd be in deep trouble if there was any kind of incident on the way home, even though you can't help not being insured?

I know it's possible to buy insurance for a vehicle before you own it, but what if you haven't made a decision yet and then decide on the day you're visiting the garage that you want to buy a particular car? Do you then have to come and collect it the next day, after you've bought the insurance for it?

Obviously driving with due care and attention will get you safely home from the garage without a problem - but everyone knows that anything unexpected can happen, and driving without insurance is of course not only risky but illegal, nomatter how short the distance - so what is the answer to this?


PS apologies if the answer might be blindingly obvious, but I really can't see a way around it, and bear in mind I've never owned a car before, so I don't know these technicalities! Thanks.

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