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Lawyers who sue insurance companies

lawyers who sue insurance companies


Do you need a brief on an insurance bad faith issue? Do you have questions about your case?

I'm happy to share whatever I can with you without charge. I have extensive briefs on nearly every issue surrounding insurance bad faith.

Here's why I believe in sharing: The kind of defendants that you and I sue (insurance companies) have endless supplies of money, lawyers, and resources. For the policyholder and his lawyer, the imbalance is so great, the playing field so uneven that the only way lawyers can make headway with insurance companies is if we freely share information with each other.

Litigating with insurance companies without talking to other lawyers about their cases and what they are learning is like a hundred soldiers all isolated in their own foxholes with no way to communicate with any other foxhole. And yet, the company knows exactly where each foxhole is at, who is in

it, and knows how to rain down the artillery on each one. By talking to other lawyers about their cases, I keep abreast of what is going outside my own foxhole. That makes me a lot more effective for my clients.

When one policyholder wins, that victory helps me, my clients and all other policyholders. That's why we must work together to share information. I don't see this as an option. To me, sharing information is an obligation, an obligation that I keep and practice every day.

You're Invited to Call or E-mail.

So whatever you need briefs, advice, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to call. I'm interested in hearing about your case. And I'll do my best to freely share anything I can with you. No charge, and no obligations.


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