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Life insurance for pregnant women.

life insurance when pregnant

In our life insurance for women article, we mention that it wasn't unusual for the woman of the house to bring in the majority of the families income.

Expecting a child can be a strong reason to take out life insurance. as new parents are looking to protect their family, should they die.

We are always listening to our customers, and we realised that some pregnant women were unsure on how to answer certain medical questions when taking out a life insurance policy during the term of the pregnancy.

Hence we have put these questions and answers together for all expectant mothers wishing to buy life insurance before the birth of the new addition to your family.

It asks for my weight – do I put in my current pregnancy weight?

We recognise that your pregnancy weight is not a fair reflection of your usual weight.

When asked, please state what your weight was immediately prior to this pregnancy.

Have I smoked in the last 12 months?

Even if you have given up smoking during the term of your pregnancy, if you have smoked any tobacco products in the last 12 months you must declare it.

What is my weekly consumption of alcohol in units?

This question asks about your current level of alcohol consumption, which may have reduced during pregnancy. However, as you progress through the application, subsequent questions ask if the level of alcohol consumption has changed over the previous five years and whether you've been medically advised to reduce your level of alcohol consumption. Together these questions should help capture any change in alcohol consumption as a result of this pregnancy.

We hope this helps clarify any uncertainty and best wishes to you during the term of your pregnancy.

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