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Doctors who Accept Medicaid

list of doctors who accept medicare

It is a good thing to qualify for Medicaid. Now the most difficult and important part is finding doctors who accept Medicaid. It is important to know that most doctors are not willing to accept Medicaid patients, and this has made it quite difficult for Medicaid holders to find a doctor willing to provide medical services to them. This is so due to the fact that the government offers very low payments, making it unprofitable for doctors. It is, however, not completely impossible since while there are many doctors who are not willing to accept the federal sponsored program, and there are still a few doctors who are willing to accept Medicaid holders.

It is notable that some Medicaid doctors only accept this state funded health program during certain times of the year. This is so due to the low compensation offered by the government that makes them become reluctant to take in any new Medicaid holders. It is only advisable that a Medicaid holder looks in all directions from church, clubs and in the office to try and find out if they can find any doctors who accept Medicaid. This requires a lot of patience, time and effort on your part.

You could also acquire a list of medical practitioners who take Medicaid holders from the Department of Health and Human Resources. Use this list to inquire whether the doctors listed are willing to accept a Medicaid patient, and if not, move to the next one and do the same.

Another place

to search for doctors who accept Medicaid is by using internet search engines. You can visit the US website for health and human resources and search for Medicaid providers, and click on providers. From there, follow the instructions, and have your personal information at hand as it may be required. There are two categories with which to go by and these are the participating and the non- participating. With non- participating, the doctor receives a small compensation from the Medicare program, and then the patient covers for most of the bill. Once you find a list of doctors who accept Medicaid. list them down and then narrow your list to your preferred option like general practitioner or specialist. Write down their numbers and call them. If they are not available at the moment, do not give up but be patient and try another day. This is because there are some times during the year that they are available and this could definitely be the time.

If you already have a doctor, then it is advisable to check if they accept Medicaid. It may be possible that they offer Medicaid services, or they may be willing to help you find a doctor who accepts Medicaid. You could also call up the doctors you know in your locality and ask them if they accept Medicaid. You could be surprised to find out that they do, and if they are not willing to take up new patients, they could advise or help you in one way or another.

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