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No car insurance what happens

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What happens if I have no car insurance?

No Car Insurance is NOT an Option

Every driver must carry car insurance according to law however many drivers ignore even just the state minimum car insurance requirements for a variety of reasons. Whether its the cost of auto insurance premiums, an oversight due to a lapse in car insurance coverage or simply a reckless disregard for the car insurance industry. All financial experts agree the economy of today has certainly influenced many consumers to find ways of saving money but driving with no car insurance is one decision which can prove to be extremely expensive in the event of even a minor car accident.

Legal Repercussions of No Car Insurance

Operating a vehicle with no car insurance can subject you to expensive fines. No car insurance fines range from $500 to $5,000 or more depending on what state you are ticketed in. Some states even impose severe penalties such as serving up to one year in jail for illegally driving without auto insurance coverage in effect.

Car insurance is more than just an optional insurance policy but a state required item to protect both you and other drivers on the road. Not having car insurance is seen as direct violation of laws created to maintain security for all drivers and, as such, is mandatory – both legally and morally.

I can’t afford Full Car Insurance Coverage?

Many consumers are upside down today however when a financial situation occurs and you need to save money its important to re-evaluate your car insurance coverage – not lose it.

There are many drivers who have much more coverage than they really need as your auto insurance policy was probably secured at a

time when money was less of an object to your budget as it is today. Just because you are suffering financially does not mean you should drive with no insurance. In addition to a heavy no car insurance fine or no car insurance ticket the livelihood of your family is at risk every time you leave your home. Most all states have state minimum car insurance requirements which allow you to meet the bare minimum legal requirements of owning a car. These minimum requirements are often far lower than any good driver should have – but are still an affordable means of having some coverage. Check with your car insurance company about reducing coverage before breaking the law and possibly be subject t fines, prison and litigation.

No one can forecast when a car accident will happen but if you are involved in a no car insurance accident you will only wish for some insurance. State minimum car insurance requirements do provide some protection to help cover costs for property damage, vehicular damage, medical bills and more. All cost which add up very quickly in an accident. Even a slight fender bender can cost a couple thousand or more in car damages – do you really need to risk more debt?

Outside of the obvious potential financial costs associated with damaging another vehicle having the appropriate car insurance coverage can help protect your personal assets and those of your family by having liability protection in place.

No car insurance is NOT an option in today’s litigious and expensive society. Shop around and compare car insurance companies before risking the financial future of your family by letting a car insurance policy elapse.

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