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States where insurance covers ivf

states where insurance covers ivf

Insurance companies don't typically cover IVF unless they are required to, which means purchasing insurance in a state where IVF coverage is mandated (Maryland is 1 of 15 states where infertility treatment is a mandated benefit).

The mandate is only applicable to fully-insured plans delivered in the State, which can be purchased in the individual market (like going to Carefirst's website and buying a policy from them without going through an employer), or bought through a Maryland employer that is NEITHER a small employer or a self-insured employer.

The mandate does NOT apply to self-insured plans (employers with a large number of employees tend to self-insure, which means the employer takes the risk in insuring the group) or to small-group plans (the mandate does not apply to

the small-group market).

The mandate applies the same way to all insureds of a fully-insured plan so there really isn't really one with the "best" coverage for IVF. What I think you are really looking for is a fully-insured health plan in a state where infertility treatment is a mandated benefit.

* A note about buying in the individual market - you usually have to go through medical underwriting to get a quote for an insurance policy in the individual market. I don't know what they ask but they may ask for medical records before they issue coverage. And if you lie on the application, they can exclude coverage for treatment of whatever medical condition you lied about. For group coverage, there is no medical underwriting.

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