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Switching Insurance While Pregnant

switching insurance when pregnant

My husband just got a job after being unemployed for 5 months. My husband and son have an individual policy and I am covered under COBRA from my husband's past employer.

Anyways, he is going to be starting benefits soon with his new job. Does anybody know how switching insurance works during the middle of the pregnancy? I assume I have to start all over with the deductible and such. The bummer is that the COBRA I am on has SUPER good coverage.

Re: Switching Insurance While Pregnant


as long as you have no gap in coverage, you should not have any problems. Pregnancy is NOT considered a preexisting condition by law.

True. But that will have not effect on your deductible with the new plan, you will still have to pay it. But, because it is the end of the year, your deductible will reset in January anyway, so just try to get your effective date for

the new insurance for jan 1st if possible.

Not necessarily, this will depend on the contract of coverage. My husband's insurance is July-June not Jan-Dec- so ours would not reset in Jan.

You could remain on cobra if you want and then just join on his benefits during open enrollment (depending on when that is). Also, once you drop COBRA coverage (regardless of when you do it, even if it isn't during open enrollment) you would still have the option to join his coverage whenever as long as you provided to his employer that you are currently without benefits, they must pick you up by law. The choice is yours to remain on COBRA and decline you DH's new benefits but I am going to venture to guess it will cost you a heck of a lot less to switch to his new benefits than to pay the premium for his old insurance, unless it was particularly awesome and his new benefits suck.

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