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How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance

unemployment insurance how to apply

The hardships that come with being unemployed can only be explained well by a person who has been there. However, what is obvious is that it is a situation that one should never wish to go through.

Unemployment may be as a result of a layoff, the company winding up and many other reasons. Maryland, just like other States in the USA has its own policy on unemployment that is meant to help its citizens during the hard times that come with unemployment.

The policy of the state is quite different from other states and it uses different methods to calculate the compensation that you can receive.

The duration that the state will pay the benefit may also differ from other states and so it is important to read the unemployment insurance policy in the Maryland Division of Unemployment. This will help you determine what to expect in case you find yourself unemployed.

Requirements to Qualify

You must have been employed for some time and earning some income. Volunteer or charity work will not be considered as employment. The Department of labor, licensing and regulation publishes the requirements for wages earned and time worked during the base period. The base period is normally a period of one year prior to your application.

You must be determined to be unemployed. Having a job from which you are earning less than your previous job does not mean you are unemployed even if what you are earning cannot sustain you.

It must also be proven that the reason for your unemployment is not your fault. For example if you got fired for

absenteeism then you would not qualify for the insurance.

You must file claims for the insurance and be ready to answer any questions that you may be asked concerning your continued eligibility. In case you are getting any earnings during the period you are receiving the claims, you must report them or you risk losing the benefits. In case you receive any job offers that you refuse to take, you must also report that.

You should also meet any other unemployment eligibility requirements as per the laws in Maryland.

Tips on applying for the benefits:

  • In order to ensure that you get the benefits to see you through the hardship you should consider the following tips.
  • Collect all the information about your recent employment. This will include employer name, their address, the date you left the employment and any other relevant details. This information will help make your application faster.

Have evidence at hand to prove that your loss of employment was not your fault. This may be written notifications of your layoff or termination of contract.

Disclose all the other details that you may be required to as withholding any relevant information may be used as ground for your disqualification.

Other Important Information

The amount you receive will depend on how much you were earning in your immediate employment. However, the benefits range from $25 to $380.

It generally takes two to three weeks for you to receive your first benefit.

The benefits last for 26 weeks but the department can increase this period depending on the unemployment situation.

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