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Water purification tablets where to buy

water purification tablets where to buy

These tablets are the perfect solution to purify water following the unexpected disaster that may contaminate the water supply. Iodine, the active ingredient, is an effective agent for making water bacteriologically suitable for drinking. The concentration released by each tablet, has been found to kill bacteria, viruses, etc. making most water safe for drinking.

Potable Aqua Tablets are used by various militaries and emergency relief organizations around the world following disasters to make it safe for survival victims to drink from water sources with questionable bacteriological quality. They are also affordable, easily transported and simple to use!

Potable Aqua Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water. When used as directed, they can make most waters bacteriologically suitable for drinking. Used worldwide by

the military, emergency organizations, campers, backpackers, hikers and anyone faced with the need to drink water of uncertain bacteriological quality. The product is for use only when water is suspected or known to be substandard. It is not intended for use on a continuous basis but for short term or limited emergency use only.

Why do you need Water Purification Tablets?

Following a disaster, there may not be any safe drinking water available.  When the electricity goes out, water treatment plants may stop working causing tap water to become unsafe for consumption.  Emergency responders may not be able to deliver water to your area safely.  And, it may not be safe or possible to boil water due to broken gas lines.  So, you need to be self-reliant by having these emergency water purification tablets.Potable Aqua, the most trusted name in water purification.

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