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What affects the cost of auto insurance in the US

What affects the cost of auto insurance in the US

In the US, the main factors that directly affect the cost of insurance, are:

  • annual mileage of a vehicle;
  • the average distance;
  • the number of past accidents;
  • location of the vehicle (the place of the city where the car is registered for the accident).

Also, if long-term cooperation with clients of insurance companies often offer additional bonuses. In addition to these factors, there are other details that affect the cost of insurance in the United States. For example, some security systems installed in the vehicle, how many times a car passed and how much maintenance is repaired, and the year of manufacture of the vehicle, and others. Not a small role played by the age of the driver, and, higher interest rates obtained as a young or young drivers and the elderly.

First – because of their inexperience, the second – because of declining care, which may be a consequence of a certain age. Many insurance companies of the US and Europe in recent years has become a popular view and the credit history of the owner of the car to make sure that there are no apparent risks.

How to reduce the cost of the policy on the car

In Europe and the United States, most insurance companies

offer good discounts if the client at the same time insures more objects real estate, car, buying health insurance. Pleasant bonuses can receive drivers that adhere to traffic rules and do not get in an accident and do not receive penalties for their ride.

Save on the cost of insurance can be a way to increase the size of the franchise, but this often refer only to new cars. We used car accident with minor amount of damage is often much lower than the franchise. Cheaper cost car insurance, executed online, since it is often European insurance companies charge a fee for the processing of documents or other charges.

You also need to consider the financial stability of the insurance company, because it is often cheap policy may be indicative of the desire of the insurance company to raise more funds in the shortest time car owners, which raises questions about the solvency of such insurance. Insurance should not be cheap, as it is obliged to provide a decent level of protection for the automobile owner. Important it is available to every owner of a vehicle, whether domestic vehicle or an expensive foreign car, could not afford to buy an insurance policy. Only in this case on the road, both European and Russian will be safer to drive.

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