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What age am i eligible for medicare

what age am i eligible for medicare

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7:58 am PST January 2, 2014

You would be eligible to purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace .  You may or may not be eligible for a tax credit to help pay for the insurance.  We cannot tell you that without knowing more information.  I have included some links below that may help you determine that for yourself.

Most individuals must have minimum essential health insurance coverage for at least nine months of 2014 for themselves and any dependents. Those without coverage will pay a government fee on their 2014 tax return. The law takes effect on January 1, 2014, but technically you can go without coverage until March 31, 2014 and avoid the fee.  You can see a full list of exceptions here.

You can meet this requirement by purchasing insurance through the Marketplace, from a private insurer outside of the Marketplace or by qualifying for Medicare or Medicaid.

You said you are retiring but did not say when, so if you currently have an employer provided

insurance plan, you can keep that plan until your retirement.  Once it ends (with your retirement) you could enroll in Marketplace insurance using a special open enrollment period.  You may also be eligible for continuing insurance through your employer after retirement - this would depend upon your employer and what they offer.

There is a new tax credit called the Advance Premium Tax Credit.  Its purpose is to help you afford insurance purchased through the Marketplace by offsetting part of the monthly cost of the premium. Eligibility is based on your family size and income. You can use the calculator here to determine if you may be eligible for a credit.

The best thing you can do is go to the Marketplace and investigate your options.  The application will tell you what you qualify to receive in the way of credits or subsidies, and will allow you to compare plans. If you are not able to access the website, you can call them using this number: 1-800-318-2596.

You can find all contact options here .

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