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How do i get my medicare number

how do i get my medicare number

It's a long process. First you need to get an NPI number.(google npi). Then you need to fill out a medicare provider application. This is a lengthy process and the forms are not that easy to fill out. I would recommend that someone, like the office manager, help you fill it out. You will need to get a medicare provider number and then give medicare authorization to have your payments sent to the MD office or to you (depending on what the MD wants). If the MD is going to pay you hourly, then they will probably want the money from medicare to go to them, otherwise, they would probably want you to pay them for office space. Next, you will want to check into get a BCBS number, which you can't do until you get the medicare number.

In order to bill insurance, you have to be a provider. I know that medicare and BCBS require that you complete a provider application and get a provider number. There may be some clients that are willing to pay for an MNT appointment. However, my experience has been that most people do not want to

pay (we charge $90/hr). I doubt the doctor is going to pay you and then not charge the patients. I don't know if the doctor can bill for an appointment and then have you see the patient, but since they asked about insurance, I would assume that they want you to bill for your services.

You will also need to determine how you will document your visits and you will need additional malpractice insurance.

I have both a medicare number and a BCBS number. I just found out that my medicare number expired b/c our billing dept. did not bill correctly and since it has been a year since they received a correct bill, medicare cancelled my number. So, I am in the process of resubmitting everything. I've been working on it for about 6 weeks and will probably not have my number re-instated for another 4-6 weeks. And this time, I know what I am doing. The first time it probably took 4-5 months.

It's a good way to make extra money. In my situation, it's just part of my job - I don't make any extra money off it.

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