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How do i get my national insurance number

how do i get my national insurance number

Congrats on your visa, Tommy25!

I called the number on this page:

I’m not sure if it still works this way, but it seems that in the past people who were granted FLR(M) in country had to attend and interview for their National Insurance Number and those who were granted a Spousal Visa outside of the UK could do the application via post. However, things always change, but if you phone that number and answer their questions, they will tell you what you need to do.

I was granted FLR(M) in country. I phoned that number on a Tuesday and was given an interview for Friday that same week. So, DH and I had to drive to Welshpool (an hour away) for my interview at the Job Centre there.

This is what I brought:

- Passport


- Council Tax Bill

- Marriage Certificate

- Proof I was looking for work (in the form of emails I sent to employers with my CV and cover letters, invitations to interviews, rejections)

I was only asked to produce my passport, BRP and Council Tax. They took photocopies of those and then the woman who was interviewing me asked for my address and mobile number, the date I moved to the UK, the date I was married and my date of birth. She then asked

for my husband’s details as well. She then gave me the application to look over to be sure that everyone was correct and that was it. I was free to go and she said I’d hear back in a few weeks.

However, there are been instances on this forum where people have gone for an interview and have been expected to show proof that they were looking for a job. This is not listed on the website above, but it has been expected. Since I wasn’t asked, I’m guessing different Job Centres have different policies.

You may not even have to attend an interview, so all of this information could be completely irrelevant to you. If you have to be interviewed, don’t sweat it. They’re simply verifying that you are who you say you are. There are no tough questions and little room for embarrassment. They literally just fill out the application for you and ask you to check it for error. I have social anxiety myself and felt completely fine doing this. Though as I got up to leave, I didn't realize that my bag had become wrapped around the chair and I knocked the chair over and proceeded to drag it with me until I noticed I had both my bag and a chair in tow.

In all seriousness, it will be fine.

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