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GlobalSign's PersonalSign Certificates for Digital Identity

Identity theft and impersonation are a growing social problem, made exponentially more challenging by the electronic world we live in. A valuable tool in the arsenal of weapons used to combat identity fraud is the Personal Digital ID. Individuals, and entities, can use a Digital ID to prove identity when communicating, networking, or collaborating with others over the Internet. Digital IDs bind one's identity to a unique cryptographic credential which can then be expressed confidently to other people and systems. eApps Hosting is pleased to offer PersonalSign Digital ID certificates from GlobalSign™. the global SSL provider. GlobalSign is an accredited Certification Authority (CA) with over 10 years experience, that offers a range of SSL certificates to a world wide customer base. GlobalSign's PersonalSign Certificates allow a person or entity to represent different levels of identity verification, from simple email verification to full identity assurance. eApps Hosting is pleased to offer the GlobalSign PersonalSign certificates at a preferred price to our customers.

Common Uses for Personal ID Certificates

There are three common uses for Personal IDs, described below.

    Secure Email - PersonalSign certificates use Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) to digitally sign and encrypt mail. The signing process verifies the origin and authenticity of

    the sender and encrypts the message to ensure that it has not been altered in transit. To use encryption, the recipient of the message must also have a digital ID which ensures that the message can only be "unlocked" by the recipient. Two Factor Authentication - The security of computing systems is increased greatly by using Digital IDs to add a second layer of security above simple login and password credentials. Systems can be configured to only allow access to specified Digital IDs, which significantly enhances security. A wide range of access methods is supported, and PersonalSign certificates are approved for public online services including FDA ESG and NAESB Electronic Industry Registry. Microsoft Office Document Signing - PersonalSign certificates are accepted for digitally signing Microsoft Office documents. This verifies that the document originated with the signer and ensures that the document has not been altered since it was signed. Document signing is essential for the replacement of paper-based workflows. When signing a document, the signer can insert an image file containing a handwritten signature or other desired image.

Levels of GlobalSign PersonalSign Certificates

eApps Hosting offers several PersonalSign certificates to meet a range of personal security needs. The following chart provides a list of these certificates and their features.

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