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An Inconvenient Truth – a review

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An Inconvenient Truth:  Inspiring Initiative To Halt Global Warming

The documentary film of 2006, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ finds its base in the passionate crusade of Al Gore, former Vice-President of the United States, against the phenomenon of ‘Global warming’. The film is directed by Davis Guggenheim and is a fervent attempt to educating citizens about the phenomenon and spreading awareness about its causes and effects. Premiering at the ‘Sundance Film Festival’, 2006, the film achieved both, critical as well as box-office success.

An Inconvenient Truth – The Film

The documentary film highlights the efforts of Al Gore towards the planetary emergency that the world is facing. The film is an eloquent expression of the science that’s associated with Global warming along with the former US Vice-President’s personal commitment of reversing this man-made tragedy. The film exposes the misconceptions and busts myths related to global warming.

The idea for documenting the efforts of Al Gore was conceived by Laurie David, the producer of the film. David happened to see Gore’s presentation on the subject at a town hall meeting. Impressed and inspired by the slide-show, she decided to adapt the poignant thought into a documentary film. Besides, the topic was much too relevant, as the process of global warming was advancing at a deadly pace and the entire world was effected in more ways than one.

‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is actually an intimate portrayal of the former Vice president and his ‘Traveling Global Warning Show’. In the film, the man reflects a funny, sincere, open and engaging attitude along with his vivid intent of alerting the citizens to the inevitable hazards to the environment in due course of time. The film is in fact, Gore’s personal journey of life spanning his idealistic college days to the time when he was a young senator to finally, the phase when he almost became President. As a college student, Gore had realized the impending danger to the environment. During his senatorial days, Gore had to face a distressing family tragedy that became instrumental in altering his perspective. Then came the time when Gore had to revisit his Global warming ’cause’, it would be the most significant of his life.

The film supports itself through a comprehensive presentation rich with stunning visuals, flow-charts, data from Antarctica and other places around the globe, graphs and many other visual aids. Pictures of Planet Earth as viewed from space are also included.

Issues like the ‘Green-house’ effect, carbon-dioxide levels, climatic changes

and their consequences, positive implications of vegetation and the like are also addressed clearly. The documentary also refutes critics who consider ‘Global warming’, an unproven and unimportant theory.

The role of ‘man’ in contributing to the adverse changes in the environment are visible too. However, the film also hints at the possibility of a reversal of the phenomena if we awaken now and take the required measures for the same. The film has its moments of wit and humor too which further enhance its impact. For instance, the film begins with Gore greeting the viewers with, “I am Al Gore. I used to be the next President of the United States.”

The film manages to tackle the issue of global warming wisely and rationally. There are clear indications of extensive research put forth in a thoughtful and organized manner. Gore’s oratorical skills work well, though there are moments in the film that too focused on him.

The film has brought about many constructive changes like the introduction of many climate change related bills in the Congress.

As the final credits roll at the end of the film, various suggestions including ‘Recycle’, ‘Try to buy a hybrid vehicle’, ‘Speak to your community’ etc. pop up, thus leaving the people with a message to carry back home. There is little doubt in the fact that even a layman will be educated about Global warming by watching this documentary film and will not be able to help but develop a concern for the world.

The film has the potential to leave the viewer shaken, informed and inspired. It does not paint a picture of despair but, announces loudly and clearly what to expect in the future if no action is taken here in the present. Global warming is a huge moral challenge that’s plaguing the society and civilizations as a whole.

An Inconvenient Truth – The Accolades

‘An Inconvenient Truth’ went on to win two Academy Awards in the ‘Best Documentary Film’ and ‘Best Original Song’ categories respectively. The duration of the film is 75 minutes. It is time well spent, if you would like to learn more about how we are effecting our planet’s climate.

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