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What are tax lien certificates

what are tax lien certificates


Tax Lien Sale Questions

States that offer Over-the-Counter Tax Lien Certificates

Alabama Sold to State Properties

Alaska Land Sales

Arizona Certificates of Purchase

Arkansas Negotiated Sales

Tax lien certificates are probably one of the safest, most lucrative and undiscovered investing methods in the world.

Here is why:

They routinely provide an investment return to investors of 15 to 36 percent per year.

In the second year, many states tack on a substantial penalty so the investment returns in the second year can exceed 24 percent.

In some cases, tax lien investors can walk away with an entire property for only the taxes owed.

Because state governments issue tax liens and monitor the sales, the investment risk is low. Also, the certificates are backed by the property they are issued against. If the defaulter does not pay the investor all money and interest due, they lose their entire property for only the taxes and penalties owed. People get very motivated to pay up if the alternative is to lose their home.

They are an undiscovered investing method. This is because few people have even heard of tax lien certificates and very few books have been written on the subject of tax lien investing.

Over the counter tax liens and tax deeds have gone through at least one tax sale prior to being offered for purchase. OTC lists are referred to as struck off properties, county held certificates or sold to state properties.

Why wouldn’t these liens or deeds be purchased at the annual sale?

Here are some reasons to consider:

  • not enough


  • not enough money at the sale to purchase everything.
  • many liens or deeds were not worth purchasing and investors passed up the opportunity.

What are the Benefits of buying through the Mail or Over-the-Counter?

1. Maximum Interest Rate

2. No Direct or Immediate Competition

3. No Travel Costs? Well sort of…

The trick is knowing how to screen through these lists.

Internet tax lien auctions are becoming popular with county governments and investors. Without traveling to an auction and in the comfort of your own home you can now purchase tax lien certificates or tax deeds online. Not only that, you can research property values, recorded documents and often times view the property from your computer.

Are you looking for the most comprehensive tax-lien-certificate/tax-deed-sale investing product on the market that includes detailed information on every state and county that sells tax lien certificates or conducts tax deed sales?

Are you looking for practical information on how to start your taxlien certificate investing business, like setting up an LLC? How about tips on using your retirement money to help fund your real estate career? Have you ever heard of REITs (real estate investment trusts). REITs are a great method of hands-off property investing.

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