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Different Types of Health Insurance Plans

There are three different categories of health insurance plans:

  • Copayment Plans
  • Low to Mid-Range Deductible Plans
  • High Deductible Health Plans

Copayment Plans tend to be the most expensive and have the richest coverage. For more savings, you may want to choose a Mid-Range or a High Deductible Health Plan.

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Copayment Health Insurance Plans

Some examples of Kaiser Permanente Copayment Plans offered in California include the $25 Copayment, $40 Copayment, and $50 Copayment Plans. Essentially, they are medical plans that give you set copays, or discounted fees, for covered services. There is no deductible to meet, which gives these plans lots of predictability and lure. However, they tend to be the most expensive of the different types of medical insurance plans.

Low to Mid-Range Deductible Plans

Low to Mid-Range Deductible Plans usually have deductibles between $500 and $3,000. Of the different types of health insurance plans, these ones tend to fit the needs of most people because doctor visits and prescriptions are often covered with low copays right away, and the deductible applies to the less frequently needed services, such as lab tests, x-rays, emergency visits, outpatient surgery, and hospitalization. The services that are subject to the deductible would first cost full price, and anything paid towards them would apply to the deductible amount. If the deductible is reached, then you start paying discounted fees until an out-of-pocket maximum is reached. The combination of first-dollar benefits for the frequently-needed services and the competitive rates make Deductible Health Insurance Plans a popular choice for many.

On all the different

medical insurance plans, the out-of-pocket maximum is the total cost someone would pay for any combination of covered services during a calendar year, not including monthly premiums. Check the policy details as, sometimes, the deductible is included in the out-of-pocket maximum, but other times, it is in addition to the annual limit. It depends on the particular plan you choose.

High Deductible Health Plans

High Deductible Health Plans, also known as HDHP Plans, usually have deductibles ranging from $1,500 on up to $10,000 or even $15,000. Most high deductible options are HSA Health Insurance Plans. On these plans, you usually pay full charge for all non-preventative services, including doctor visits and prescription meds, until the deductible amount is reached. If the deductible amount is reached, then you usually pay discounted fees up to the out-of-pocket maximum. Some of these affordable medical insurance plans are also HSA-qualified, which means you have the option of opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) bank account. This account can be used to set aside money for any unexpected health expenses that may occur.

What All 3 Different Types of Health Insurance Plans have in Common

All medical plans cover preventive care services at no charge. Examples of these visits are: an annual physical exam, immunizations, well-baby care checkups until age two, and annual well-woman checkups. The level of healthcare you receive at Kaiser Permanente will not be affected by the plan you are on. Since people’s service needs vary, it is helpful to have different types of medical insurance plans to choose from. At, we do our best to support each customer with their medical insurance needs. Let us help make your healthcare journey as comfortable as possible.

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