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What are the top rated insurance companies

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Who are the top rated car insurance companies?

Who are the top rated car insurance companies is a very common question but it takes more than a rating to qualify any auto insurance provider as a top company. From customer service to policy options to claims handling the best rated car insurance companies very different for you than for someone else so you need to shop around.

Most people opt for a car insurance comparison search, reach car insurance reviews and try to find a suitable combination of provider, policy coverage and the cost of premiums. However some people still want to see a resume instead of just being influenced by the latest car insurance commercial and for those drivers we dig you!

Car insurance is the most important asset you can have and you should always do research before buying any type of auto insurance coverage.

So, who are some of the top rated car insurance companies?

This is not a complete list by any means but certainly some of our favorites who have showed excellence in customer service, street reputation and policy coverage. View a whole list of car insurance companies here but read below for some top rated auto insurance companies.

Amica Mutual Car Insurance

No list is complete without Amica Mutual Car Insurance as this company has won the J.D. Power National Auto insurance Study for 11 years in a row! The J.D. Power award is one of the most prestigious awards in the car insurance industry and Amica Mutual was one of only 2 companies who scored 100% (5 stars) in all 5 categories of customer service, contacting the insurer, policy offerings, billing and payment and pricing.

State Farm

The largest car insurance company in America is State Farm Insurance with an 18.6% of ALL car insurance coverage in the USA! There is no doubt having car insurance with State Farm means you are backed by one of the most stellar companies around. Did we mention the numerous car insurance discounts and that State Farm holds the highest possible ratings for financial strength from A.M Best and another from FitchRatings?

Almost everyone knows someone who insures with State Farm – if you don’t then please move out from under the rock.


Allstate is the second largest car insurance company in the USA with almost an 11% market share and over 70,000 employees with a wide range of policy options, car insurance discounts, payment options, account management tools… the list goes on.


is rated with a superior rating (A+) from A.M. Best and services policyholders nationwide. Not to mention the iPhone apps, You Tube commercials and Tweet’s to make them cool and connected with this generation!

(State Farm does this also but we like the guy from 24 more)


If you could buy auto insurance from Warren Buffet would you do it?

While GEICO is most famous for the GECKO commercials (with the Wee Wee Piggy and Caveman catching up) the GEICO company has an 8% market share and is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway group – so in a way you are buying car insurance from Mr. Buffet himself.

GEICO has one of the most stellar reputations in the car insurance industry and has almost $30 Billion in assets with some of the strongest financial ratings from A.M. Best, Standard and Poor’s and more.

Hagerty Insurance

Car collectors need specialized insurance and very few of the typical car insurance companies understand car collector anywhere near how the Hagerty Insurance Company does. As the largest collector car insurance company in the world the Hagerty Insurance Company is probably the most trusted name for vintage, antique and collectible cars.

The biggest testament of the Hagerty Insurance Company is not just the company’s strong financial ratings but the loyalty of its policyholders.

Oh, and did we mention they insure your toy trucks also (automobile memorabilia for the mature people)

The General Car Insurance Company

High risk drivers can have a hard time finding car insurance and some drivers can wven often end up in the back alley of  a strip mall begging for auto insurance coverage but the General Auto Insurance Company has changed that and provides a wide range of affordable car insurance policies for high risk drivers.

No credit check, DUI and SR-22 car insurance are all available from the General Auto Insurance Company and most consumer reviews are very positive of the company.

The General Auto Insurance is the one of the largest privately held car insurance companies in the USA holding an Excellent rating from A.M. best

No matter how bad you mess up there is a someone out there possibly willing to insure you.

There has to be more than 5 best rated car insurance companies

There are many more – USAA, Progressive, Farmers Insurance, Liberty Mutual and many more so browse through our site and find the whole list of car insurance companies. You might actually learn something along the way!

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