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What can be insured

what can be insured

What can be insured?

Anything that an insurance company chooses to insure can be insured.

Most companies specialize in selling policies for risks that are common to most people, such as:

    Health insurance Life insurance Homeowners insurance Renters insurance Automobile insurance Motorcycle insurance

There is an array of insurance types available for businesses, too, including:

    General liability insurance Professional liability insurance Workers' compensation insurance Restaurant insurance Garage insurance Manufacturers insurance Store insurance Personal services insurance Medical office insurance

There are also some very highly specialized forms of insurance. For instance, insurance is available to protect professional athletes from early contract termination, injuries, loss of endorsements, and other possible risks.

Musicians can buy insurance that covers several types of liability, including special events and concerts, and damaged instruments.

There is insurance available for collectible items, such as comic books, classic cars, guns, baseball cards, postage stamps, and toys.


Lloyd's of London is the most famous insurance market in the world, and they have underwritten some unusual policies 1. Betty Grable, a famous movie star who was popular in the 1940s and 1950s, insured her legs for $1,000,000.

Betty Grable

Egon Ronay, a food taster, insured his taste buds for $400,000. Lloyd's has even underwritten an insurance policy on a mustache.

If you have enough money, you can find an insurer for almost anything.

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