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Can I get an insurance license with a misdemeanor?

what can i do with an insurance license

In 2009 I was charged with felony theft, which was quickly dropped to a misdemeanor theft. Due to the fact that it was my only charge EVER, my record was sealed. Will I be able to obtain my life & Health license in Ohio? and when applying for a job at a licensing company, even though I can legally answer the question by saying I'd never been convicted of felony, which technically I didn't cause it was dropped to MISD. Should I put yes or no? Also, will the insurance company i'm applying for see this on my FBI. I once had a FI check done on me by a Boys and Girls Club center to do voluntary work with some kids and nothing came up. What should I do?


My record is sealed. I was charged with felony but was quickly changed to misd-theft, Since it was the only crime i'ved committed (will never ever do again), my record was sealed.


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I believe you have to actually file a request for expungement in order to have misdemeanor or felony considered for expungement not a guarantee

As far as an insurance license is concerned this comment is a moot point. The first question on every state's insurance license application asks: Have you EVER been convicted of a crime (or felony, or misdemeanor)? The insurance laws of every state do not allow "expunged" or "sealed" records to go undisclosed.

The application for a CA Insurance License states, within each question about felony and misdemeanor convictions, "You must disclose all convictions, even if the charges were later dismissed or expunged, your guilty plea was withdrawn pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4, or you were placed on probation, received a suspended sentence or just ordered to pay a fine." From this there is no escape.

And from this, a failure to disclose is worse than the disclosure. The disclosure can result in being called to a public hearing to determine one's fitness for licensing. Failure to disclose will definitely result in being called to a hearing and probably having one's license application denied as a person "lacking in integrity," A "death sentence" in this business -- because once a license is denied, that, too, is another disclosure, and (at least in CA) there is a mandatory 5 year waiting period before a new license application may be submitted.

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