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Cheap car insurance may, to some, be harder to find these days, but your insurance premium can be strongly affected by the car you drive. Insurance has long been a bugbear for many, particularly young or new drivers. Cheap insurance for young drivers is hard to come by without the benefit of a no-claims bonus, but all drivers nowadays have to resort to price comparison sites or regular insurance provider switches to get the cheapest deal. Lower insurance premiums will contribute to lower running costs, as you’ll be spending less on keeping your shiny new car on the road.

Insurers group cars by how much power they have and how big the engine is, while other factors like safety ratings come into play too. Manufacturers of late have been ‘downsizing’ their engines, which basically means making them smaller and figuring out different methods of keeping a similar amount of power. For example, certain estate cars and SUVs have 1.2-litre petrol engines, but those engines usually have turbochargers to help maintain a decent amount of power.

Our Top 10 shows that you don’t always have to buy or

own a car that is small, slow or boring. In fact, our list features some cars that we at Carbuyer value very highly. The list includes cars such as the Citroen C4 Cactus (our 2015 car of the year), the Hyundai i10 (our 2014 car of the year and the best small car of 2015) as well as the Ford B-MAX and Hyundai i20 .

Choose any of the cars on this list and you’ll be impressed by their value. Most are available with useful equipment including sat nav, air conditioning and cruise control and pretty much all of them deliver decent fuel economy.

Plus, although these cars may be on a budget, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to drive. The Ford Fiesta has a low insurance rating and is an absolute peach on the road, whether you’re in town or on a country lane.

So keep reading for our Top 10 guide to the cheapest cars to insure in the UK, and make sure you check out our list of the top 10 car insurance companies   top 10 car insurance companies  too.

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