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What certificate is marley and me

what certificate is marley and me

seattle, Washington, USA

I first visited nine mile in Feburary 2011. The ride up the mountian roads, the changes in the landscape, surely you have read them all, I did.

Taken aback by both the.

I first visited nine mile in Feburary 2011. The ride up the mountian roads, the changes in the landscape, surely you have read them all, I did.

Taken aback by both the people, the mood, and the strange reception at the gates, I decided to make a return trip to Jamaica.

Rastaman9mile became my new challange. on my first trip I had afforded my self the luxury of having a private driver. Not only did Clinton provide good narriation, but introduce me to my first Rastaman. On the large tour busse, they drive straight up and into Bob marleys Home. Clinton on the other hand stopped so I could purchase something to drink near the Primary School ( ages 3 to 5 ). In the process I met several villagers, and a few of the local children. I was not pressured or even asked for money. I did purchase several smll drinks for the children I had taken pictures of.

In late August or early september, I decided to take another look at Nine Mile. I began by accquiring the both an Email as well as a Site name. Hence Rastaman9mile. I posted the Emale on yahoo, and published the site under .Com.

With simply a Mission statement, and two short store of my Feburary trip, I booked a flight to Jamaica.

Three nights in Montego Bay (nice all-inclusive with water park), a night at the Rui Negril, the Sun Spree negril, and the Travellers, and I was ready to go Jamaican so to speak.

Traveling from Negril, by both Route Taxi, and two seperate inter-city busses, I finally met up with Clinton in

Runaway Bay. true to form, the road was as twisty and pot holed as I remembered. Suddenly we round a corner and I see the yellow red and green of the primary school.

This was not just a tour. I had been invited back to taste the culture of the village.

I was met by villagers I had made friends with before. After my initial hello's, I was shown to a private residence. I would not say this was an ordinary thing for them. I was give a space on a Daybed. This would be my base for the next several days.

The plan, to show the sights and sounds of Jamaica. My helpers the children of the village. A short intorduction in how to use an inexpensive (good toy) video recoder and the children were on their own. Their picatures and videos were interesting, though most of the videos were either too short of full of movement to use.

Daily I would walk the road from the schoool to Bob Marley's home. I never went in this time, but talked with and engaged most all of the people I met.

Respect and one love go a long way to making friends. Having a Camera hanging from a bare chest, and being followed by two or more village children toting Cameras dose not hurt

Overall, I would consider this one of my most memorable experiences.

I could say more, but by now I know you are already planning a trip. Just remember it's not just Bob Marley's home, and Village. It's a way of life and a culture worth taking a look at. Please visit one of the small stores near the school, You'll be glad you did.

PS: If you are hungry. Shirley cooks some great fish chicken and other items. You can't miss here she is right next to the school.

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