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What does a canadian birth certificate look like

what does a canadian birth certificate look like

A month or two ago, I asked about getting Canadian citizenship (or sponsoring for a PR visa) for children born to Canadian-immigrant couples – where one parent is Canadian born, the other a PR. Oddly enough, this question occurs frequently in China among those contemplating emigrating to Canada.

I was told by sages like Leon and Steaky that if the baby is born to a Canadian parent, he/she is immediately a Canadian citizen. But of course it's not that easy. The couple has to apply to the Canadian embassy for a citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship) for the baby, get a travel document for the baby, then once in Canada apply for a passport. At least I hope I got that right.

However, I searched on the Beijing website for specific documents required,

and could not find anything relevant. I then found the operational manual on the CIC website. It seems that all the parents would need to do is complete the application form, pay the fee, provide proof that one parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of the baby's birth, provide proof that the parents were married at time of birth (marriage certificate), and provide the birth certificate (with certified translation).

However, the application is mailed to CIC in Sydney, not to the embassy abroad. Can anyone confirm this?

There are a few oddities, such as asking the baby-applicant to “provide two pieces of identification”, while no infant is likely to be able to provide these. But no matter.

Am I leaving anything out? No paternity test? It seems too easy.

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