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What does a national insurance number look like

what does a national insurance number look like

MoralMinority wrote:

We are all paying for the hidden costs of health care. Frivolous lawsuits raise insurance costs for physicians and hospitals. The cost of educating a doctor is outrageous and we are collectively footing the bill.

Mia wrote:

All said we cannot solve the USA health care crisis by using Canada as an example. you cannot compare a population of 35 million with one of 356 million.

jtg61 wrote:

It looks like New Orleans pretty much transferred their problem population to Houston after Katrina.

navirob wrote:

I support my family legally and always have. We simply cannot be expected to pay for our own insurance and the medical benefits of another who is unwilling/ unable.

Ordinary Guy wrote. there are

millions of hard working Americans that work for employers who generate sufficient profits that do not provide healthcare for their employees. The cost of healthcare should be affordable for those individuals, families, and employers that work honestly to provide quality of life for themselves and their families.

supoman wrote: The health care crisis is a bigger threat to the nation than Al Qaeda. It's threatening to bankrupt us and decrease our power economically and politically in the world.

hansenthered wrote: Health care should not be a political talking point. We need to have both parties declare it off the table and to then work to solving this problem. This will not happen until we decided that healthcare is a right and not just a privilege for the rich.

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