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I'm 31, why does my birth certificate look like its from the stone age?

what does a new york birth certificate look like

yellow with age and made out of wax and carbon copy paper.

while Obama's, a 48 year old man, looks like a modern marvel spit out from a modern copier?



people get the original at time of birth. using the paper and format in standard use AT THAT TIME.

iF YOU lose your original, or order copies for genealogical purposes (restricted). the replacement is printed on paper and format in use at the time of REPLACEMENT.

Obama's IS spit from a modern copier. Nothing freaky in that. Nothing, by the way, prohibits him from having several copies made.

The paper or format is not relevant to the actual content of the original information. Nor is it relevant that he posted a "short" form vs "long form". Both prove legally exactly what he said. where and when he was born.

"most Americans have. " uhh. that is your opinion of what "should" be. Not any assessment of what people actually have.


just a bit more clearing up.

YOU have the right to copies of your birth cert (and I believe many

places will give the full document), and those of your children.

You can get historical copies of ancestors, but only after a certain number of years.

THE FEDERAL GOVT has the right to access any of these items, with legal cause. This is why it is insane that the birthers are demanding full copy. any needed proof has been given (or is available) to the govt.

The birthers are trying to appoint themselves as legal authority to investigate. No investigation is needed. The govt does its job. The rumor that "no one checked" is absolute fabrication.

It is the equivalent of your neighbor, deciding to pull you over, DEMAND that you prove you have the right to drive a car, not by seeing just your drivers license..but the birth record behind it. That proof is the function of the DMV or Fed. Gov.

The concept that private individuals have a "tangible interest" is ludicrous. Their only purpose in demanding the original record. is because they blatantly defy the govt authority or capability to do a background check, for any reason needed.

wendy c · 6 years ago

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