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What does a resale certificate look like

what does a resale certificate look like

Seller's Permit Questions

Do I need a Reseller's License, Sales Tax Id or Sales Tax Certificate?

Yes, if you are a retailer or wholesaler of taxable products or services - if you sell taxable products or services, buy or sell wholesale, have an ebay business, or online business.

Reseller's License, Sales Tax Id are the same terms - a sales tax certificate is obtained after you obtain the resale permit - seller's permit.

In General, it is unlawful for any person, to carry on any business, trade, profession, calling, occupation or gainful activity without a seller's permit if the business buys to resell or sells wholesale or retail taxable services or tangible items.

A Sales Tax Id is the same as a Seller's Permit, Sales Tax Certification, Wholesale License. Example, you sell computers or clothing online or on eBay. you need a Reseller's License to buy wholesale tax free. When you sell, you charge taxes (collect taxes) to pay to government later. You also need a seller's permit if the services you provide are taxable to the public.

How long does it take? 3-8 business days after application

  • When you receive your permit, you must post
  • it at your place of business in a location that is easily seen by your customers.

Who must have a permit?

You are generally required to obtain a seller’s permit if you sell or lease merchandise, vehicles, or other tangible personal property. A seller’s permit allows you to sell items at the wholesale or retail level. You cannot legally make sales of taxable items in until you have been issued a

seller’s permit.

  • Do I need more than one permit?

If you make sales at more than one location, you must display a permit at each location. If this applies to you, please attach a list that includes the address for each location, and we will issue the permits you need. This requirement applies to retailers as well as wholesalers.

  • Why do you need to verify my driver license number for a Seller's permit?

This is required to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and to protect you against fraudulent use of your identification.

A Sales Tax Id is required if you sell retail or wholesale taxable items.


Example of a business that need a seller's permit.

Al Pacone, an accountant sells books (taxable products). John has to apply for a seller’s permit in addition to his state professional license.

A seller’s permit or Sales Tax Id is separate from the professional license and the Business Licence. In most states, a seller’s tax permit or number enables Al Pacone to buy at wholesale prices.

  1. Resale Permit / License
  2. Reseller's License
  3. Certificate of Authority
  4. Use and Sales Tax License / Permit
  5. Sales and Use Tax
  6. Application to Collect / Report Tax
  7. Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax
Resale Certificate

To place an order, to comply with state government's requirements, we need your cooperation to provide us your Seller's Permit AND Resale Certificate before we can sell to you.

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