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What does a virginia birth certificate look like

what does a virginia birth certificate look like

Sample birth certificates from Australia, and other Commonwealth nations

5th August 2009

Posted on 08/05/2009 6:59:30 AM PDT by naturalman1975

I have spent way too much time today looking at these.

I thought other people might find it useful to see them in one place.

NSW Australia, 1992 certified copy of 1857 certificate.

Queensland Australia, 1959 certified copy of 1936 certificate.

%img src="" /%NSW Australia, 1999 certificate.

Victoria, Australia, 1955 certified copy of 1855 certificate.

%img src="" /%Rhodesia, 1963 certificate.

Canada, 1967 certificate.

New Zealand birth certificate

Serious question - what are

the odds that a Kenyan birth certificate would be of similar format to Australian birth certificates, but different from those of other Commonwealth countries? If there was a standard format across the Commonwealth, it'd be a different matter - but there wasn't.

Now is it impossible, Kenya might have adopted a format very similar to Australia? No, it's not impossible. And maybe somebody somewhere can find a Kenyan certificate of unimpeachable provenance which will show that they did.

But speaking as somebody whose seen a lot of Australian birth certificates, that was my first reaction when I saw the alleged Obama certificate - that that looks very familiar.

1 posted on 08/05/2009 6:59:30 AM PDT by naturalman1975

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