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Best cell phone, laptop and tablet insurance from iWYZE!

what does cell phone insurance cover

The cost of replacing mobile devices can be very high – especially smart phones, iPhones, laptops and tablets – many of which can run into thousands of Rands. The good news is that if you already have General & Specified Valuables cover with iWYZE, you can add your mobile devices to your Specified Valuables cover and we’ll insure them against theft, accidents and damage.

Choose the mobile device insurance cover you need

  • Cell phone insurance – we provide affordable insurance cover for any make and model of cellphone, Blackberry, iPhone or smartphone against accidents, fire and theft – anywhere in South Africa.
  • Tablet insurance – whatever brand of tablet you want to insure – from an Apple iPad to a Samsung Galaxy Tab – all you have to do is specify it in your General & Specified Valuables cover and we’ll make sure it’s covered against the unexpected.
  • Laptop insurance – if your insured computer, laptop or notebook is stolen, lost or damaged, we will replace it with an equivalent make and model, pay for it to be fixed or pay you its replacement value in cash.

Why insure your laptop, tablet and cell phone with iWYZE?

Cell phones, smart phones, laptops and tablets play a huge role in our work and social lives – and if they

were to be lost, damaged or stolen most of us would go into a complete panic! That’s why it makes sense to insure these items as part of your iWYZE Specified Valuables policy. After all, it is cheaper to insure your laptop computer, cellphone, smart phone or tablet than it is to replace it!

While there are companies that will offer you cheap mobile insurance cover. it makes more sense to go with a name you can depend on. Put your trust in iWYZE for quality cellphone and laptop insurance and get the peace of mind you deserve – at a premium you can afford.

When you are insured with iWYZE, you can relax, knowing you’re getting the best insurance cover for your cell phone and mobile devices from a company you can rely on to keep its promises.

Get mobile insurance quotes from iWYZE NOW!

To get cellphone, laptop and tablet insurance from iWYZE, call 0860 93 94 93 now for a quote. or submit your details and we’ll call you back! Please note that insurance for cellphones, laptops and tablets (Under Specified Valuables cover) cannot be taken on a standalone basis and must be included with another policy section for example a Buildings Insurance Policy or Household Valuables Policy. For detailed information in this regard, speak to a friendly iWYZE consultant.

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