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How do i make gift certificates

how do i make gift certificates

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Certificates

Gift certificates bought from MediaWoB are only redeemable from a US-based iTunes Store account, so if you do not yet have an iTunes Store account, or have an account with an iTunes Store from another country, you will need to create one as per the instructions below. Note that you only need to do this once; thereafter you can reuse the account to redeem any US gift certificates you buy in the future. Unless you have a US-based credit card or PayPal account, the only way to create an account at the US iTunes Store is by using a gift certificate bought at the US iTunes Store (such as the ones sold by MediaWoB ).

Step by Step

Follow these steps to create a new account at the US iTunes Store (only required once):

  1. Start the iTunes application.
  2. Make sure you are not signed in with another account (click on Sign Out if necessary).
  3. Select United States as your iTunes store using the menu at the bottom of the iTunes display area:
  • Click on Redeem (top-right, Quick Links section)
  • Enter the code on the gift certificate into the space provided, then click on Redeem .
  • The normal sign-in dialog will be presented. Click on Create Account (you don’t need to enter an Apple ID or password).
  • Read through the Apple Terms of Service. scroll to the bottom, and then click on Agree .
  • Enter a new Apple ID, fill in the other fields as required, and then click on Continue . Some users have found it necessary to use an email address that has never been registered with Apple before.
  • Enter your name, and any valid US address into the fields provided. Some examples can be found at If you select a state that taxes digital music downloads, your iTunes purchases will be more expensive (see here for a list).
  • Where it asks for a credit card (in the Optional payment method area), make sure that None is selected:

  • Click on Continue .
  • iTunes will now sign you in with the new credentials you provided, and credit your new account with the value of the gift certificate.
  • Congratulations! That’s all there is to it. In the future when you buy another gift certificate, you can simply sign in with the account you just created (if you’re not signed in with it already) and click on the code in order to redeem it.

    Feel free to contact us if you require clarification or assistance. If you're ready to buy a gift certificate, click here.

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