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What is Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

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The term full coverage auto insurance can be misleading to people out shopping for the perfect car insurance plan. While it does cover you for a lot of eventualities, it does not cover you for everything that could ever possibly happen to you and your car as the name implies. Want to know what is full coverage auto insurance? We have identified what full coverage auto insurance does and does not actually cover.

What Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Really Protect Me Against?

This type of insurance usually refers to any physical damage to your vehicle including collision damage as a result of an accident. This means that if you crash into another vehicle or object that your full coverage auto insurance will pay for the repairs to your vehicle. It will also pay to replace the vehicle if your carrier decides that the repairs are going to cost more than the value of the car. But that is always up to your insurer.

If your car is also stolen or vandalized then full coverage auto insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle. Some car insurance companies call this coverage comprehensive insurance but always clarify with your agent what exactly you are protected against when buying any new plan. Never be afraid to ask your insurance agent or broker lots of questions about full coverage car insurance, as answering those inquiries is part of their job. If your agent or broker doesn’t know the answer to your questions, look into working with someone else.

Full coverage auto insurance is also in place to pay for repairs to your car needed because of storm or flood damage or an impact with an inanimate object. So if a tree branch falls on your car then your full coverage auto insurance will be in place

to protect you. Call these last instances “acts of God or nature” and you get some idea of what full coverage auto insurance will protect you against.

What Doesn’t Full Coverage Auto Insurance Protect Me Against

Although full coverage insurance policy inclusions can vary from carrier to carrier, most of the time bodily injury coverage is not included with full coverage auto insurance, especially if it seems like cheap full coverage auto insurance. This type of insurance is important to have in case the people in another car you hit are injured badly and require medical attention. If the accident is your fault you will be responsible for their medical costs.

Additionally, property damage liability coverage needs to be purchased separately from your full coverage auto insurance. This is the insurance you will need if your accident causes damage to someone’s personal property. For example, if you swerve to miss a deer on a dark road and take out someone’s front porch then you will need property damage liability coverage. Hey, it could happen.

Lastly, while this may seem like an obvious reminder, full coverage auto insurance coverage does not cover you against any mechanical breakdowns or against replacement of routine wear items like brakes and tires. So if your car needs engine repair or a new transmission don’t call your car insurance agent. Only car warranties pay for these kinds of eventualities. But that’s a matter for another article entirely.

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