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What Do Life Insurance Do Urine Test For

What Do Life Insurance Do Urine Test For.

The main reason for a person to buy a life insurance is to create a financial back up for his family in case of any critical illness or in the event of his death.

This is primarily the reason why before purchasing a life insurance one needs to undergo certain tests. Most of these tests would be to check the presence of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol or the presence of drugs and nicotine.

A urine test is the most preferred of all testing methods as it will definitely show the presence of any abnormality unlike a blood test. If a person already has some kind of high risk disease, then the premium may be higher and so on. If a person has no diseases or abnormalities in the urine tests, then he may qualify

for a low premium policy as well.

Only when the policy involves a high amount of money, there are all kinds of tests involved. For a low value policy, the life insurance companies do not require any tests. These insurance companies primarily look for drugs, nicotine, cocaine and illnesses. There may be a case where a person smokes occasionally and has not mentioned this fact while taking the policy. However, the urine test will reveal nicotine levels in his body and then the kind of policy that he needs to take may change depending on the results of the test.

The main reason why the life insurance companies ask the people buying to go through urine tests is to ensure that they do not have any unknown diseases which may impact their life expectancy, which in turn would increase the insurance company's risk.

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