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What Is A No Fault Car Accident & No Fault Law In Kentucky?

As it relates to car, truck and motorcycle accidents, these terms, “No Fault Auto Insurance” and “No Fault Law” DO NOT mean that the other driver isn’t at fault. 

When a vehicle or motorcycle accident occurs, it’s the state laws that govern and determine who is at fault.  Your car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer will help guide you through the various steps and laws.  No-fault does NOT mean that a driver is not at fault.  It refers specifically to the type of auto insurance system that is established by your state’s laws, called no-fault insurance.

No-fault insurance is a type of system developed under “tort liability,” which protects both parties from ending up in lengthy and expensive court battles over who was at fault in the car accident.   

In fault states, pay out from car accidents and auto insurance companies depends on who was at fault.    

However, you and your auto insurance company may not agree on the party who was at fault.  In this instance, you should contact your car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer who will help you to file a claim so that you can seek further retribution for damages.  Damages may include lost wages due to time spent away from work or school, medical bills or pain and suffering.

In no-fault states, the driver isn’t required to prove who caused the car accident in order to recover money from their auto insurance company. 

You should be completely covered by your own auto insurance policy, assuming you have one.  However, your options in recovering further damages from the other party’s auto insurance company are somewhat


What Does No Fault Auto Insurance Mean In Kentucky?

In this state, the portion of your auto insurance policy that is no-fault insurance is called PIP (or Personal Injury Protection).  It covers you for physical damages caused by the other driver, such as medical expenses and lost wages.  Most states have a minimum coverage limit and extra coverage can be added for a premium price.

Every type of auto insurance in Kentucky automatically comes with PIP.  However, if you want to seek further retribution, it is your responsibility to file a claim with your car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney.  Simply telling your auto insurance company will earn you nothing.

In addition, if you have been in an car accident and wish to seek further compensation, be sure to carefully document all expenses and time of suffering.  This is vital for your attorney to show the full damages caused by the accident.

The laws governing each state are extensive and vary greatly.  There are certain rules and guidelines that you must follow if you want to be awarded monetarily for your pain and suffering, particularly with laws governing the no fault insurance policies.  If you attempt to do this without the guidance and expertise of your Northern Kentucky car accident attorney, you risk your chance of not rightfully gaining your compensation.

We offer a thorough and FREE case analysis for all of our new clients.   If you call us today, we’ll schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to file a claim and earn the financial retribution you deserve .

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