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What does personal liability cover under my home insurance policy?

Personal liability under your home insurance policy covers a variety of situations that could cost you money. Liability is meant to indemnify other parties who suffer injury, death or loss while on your property.

Personal liability coverage will typically save you from lawsuits and can save you from potentially huge losses. In fact, many people stand to lose more through lawsuits for liability than they would if their house burned to the ground. The more you have to lose, the more important liability coverage is.

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Personal Liability Coverage for Loss Caused to Others

Personal liability coverage on your homeowners policy is meant to protect you from accidental losses others may suffer at the hands of someone in your family or while on your property. It will even include things done by your pets.

Included in the types of situations which would be covered by personal liability coverage include personal injuries such as falls, broken bones, cuts and more that occur on your premises. Other things due to the use of your personal property will be covered by personal liability coverage. Payments will be made for medical attention, loss of wages, death benefits and possibly other things such as pain and suffering.

While no one likes to imagine the following scenarios, they happen again and again, year after year. Beloved dogs bite visitors and children or cause damage too. If you, your children or your pets do damage to the personal property of another person, your liability coverage should also take care of repair or replacement of such items.

Legal costs incurred on your behalf to defend you in the case of a lawsuit for liability are covered by your homeowners personal liability coverage. Even the legal costs of the other party may be covered if you are deemed legally responsible for loss.

Personal Liability Coverage for Dog Bites

The personal liability coverage under your home insurance policy is what will cover you if your dog bites another person. However, as with any type of liability, it will only cover you to the extent of the coverage you have chosen when you took out your policy.

Therefore, if your dog viciously attacks someone, you can be sued and the amount you are responsible for could well exceed the limit of your policy. If you happen to have a breed of dog that has been known to attack in such

ways you may want to raise your liability limit or purchase an umbrella policy to give you additional protection.

If your dog has already bitten someone even once, your insurer may exclude coverage for dog bites from your policy. Alternatively, you may have a much higher premium if dog bite liability is still covered.

Some companies will give you a break if you enroll your dog in a behavior modification program. Other companies may completely refuse to renew your policy until you get rid of the dog. Just keep in mind that if you are not covered, it is you who will pay the price.

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What Homeowners Liability Does NOT Cover

As with all types of insurance coverage, there are things that liability insurance does not cover. First and foremost, it will only cover up to the specified limit on the insurance policy.

Any expenses or losses above and beyond that amount are the responsibility of the homeowner. Intentional damage done to someone else’s property for any reason, are not covered by the personal liability portion of your homeowner insurance. In addition, personal injury that is inflicted on purpose, such as in the case of a fight is not covered, as this is also considered to be intentional.

Personal liability is one of the most important aspects of the home insurance policy. You can potentially lose more through a lawsuit over liability than you would for a theft, fire or storm damage claim.

For this reason, it is important to not skimp on this type of coverage. In fact, if you have sizable assets you want to protect, you may want to consider increasing your liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy or purchasing an additional umbrella liability policy in order to give you the extra liability coverage necessary.

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